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Right to use:
First off thanks to the owners of It was there a couple of years ago I stumbled upon the e-books there which were just what I needed to help quiet my mind and get me back on track. I wish to carry on their legacy and make these ebooks available to you as they were for me and they are free of charge.

In that light You are free to use any – out of copyright –  (non-original content) work on this site in any way you find necessary with the caveat that you do not charge. This does not include any of your own original work or if you use excerpts (an if you do use excerpts please give credit to the original authors for their efforts)

Copyright Info:

In order to place a copyright on someone else’s work there has to be substantial editing of the work and adding one’s own original content – this applies even if the work has fallen out of copyright and is in the public domain.
Using methods such as: transcribing, OCR, or other means to convert an “out of copyright” work into a digital work  does NOT give authority to place a new copyright on said work.
Around the internet you will sure come across many “e-books” that are just a duplicate of someone else’s work that has fallen out of copyright and the new user claims a new copyright. Check it carefully before you shell out money – is there enough original work? 
In addition there are those who place copyright on their website and it gives the impression that it includes the out of copyright work – actually in most cases all it does protect is the website owners work (website – text, graphics, audio, etc – “original content).

You can learn more about copyright stuff at Project Gutenberg’s Copyright FAQ (especially C16 & C17).

Add or remove a work:

If you have an “out of copyright” e-book / book that you would like to share on this site please contact us. If you believe there is a work here that has been published here in error, please contact us and we will remove it  – also include any copyright info/docs.

If you would like to make a donation to keep this site going that would be amazingly appreciated. You can donate via PayPal email