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I Am

Let me start by saying that we are here to experience joy.  That’s it.  Joy.

And the diversity of us means that there is a diversity of experiences of joy out there:
The joy of work.
The joy of play.
The joy of art.
The joy of music.
The joy of contemplation.
The joy of family.
The joy of friends.
The joy of traveling to new places.
The joy of discovering new things.
The joy of solving problems.
The joy of helping others.
There are so many opportunities to experience joy it’s almost crazy making.  I think that’s why we disguised it all as work.  So we wouldn’t do a nirvana freak out the instant we incarnated as human and felt the feelings that come with so much joy!!!

OK – So most of us for one reason or another fall under the impression that our joy comes from something out there. Outside of us.
There’s a couple of good reasons for this but the truth of it is that our joy comes from within and is affirmed by the “without”.

I know.

If your like me whenever I used to hear someone say that I would cringe.  My mind would instantly go to images it had stored  of evidence that no joy could possible exist inside me  – I mean look at me, my life, that girl that left me, that parent unhappy with me, that person abusing me, me abusing that person, the test I failed, the money I stole, the money that got stolen from me, etc., etc!
Then like a dark cloud would descend over my being and I would swear that if this thing called joy exists it must come from somewhere outside of me or just as bad I would look at others feeling / expressing their happiness and I would shoot mental hate darts at them – I mean, how dare they smile when there is so much misery in the world.   And so I would lumber around radiating these depressing vibes and wondering why joy wasn’t coming to meet me as I walked into dark, unhappy situation after situation.

What I know now is that moment, that second when I cringed – that was my magic-genie-projector loading the movie that would play out as my experience of the now I was in.  The problem was the movie selector only had one genre to choose from :: miserable.  Whatever the reason didn’t matter.  There is a place where the mattering does matter but for what we’re doing here it doesn’t matter right now.   What I needed to do was get some new “genres” in there!
A fact which turns out to be easier than I thought.

This exercise is a 5 minute exercise designed to create that shift which gives you space to experience the JOY of being JOY.

Now seeing results may take a bit of time but with some patience and persistent effort they will come!

So for this 5 minute exercise you will need a pad, pen / pencil and your timer.  Get into a comfortable spot where you are able to write.

Then set the timer and take a couple of slow, deep, centering breaths – then start.  You will be writing  I Am statements.

For example :: I am happy.   I am enough.  I am loving.  I am loved.  I am fun.  I am funny….

No negatives.  No saying I am not this or that.
Only positives.
Don’t worry if you don’t feel your I am statements as much as you think you should just keep writing.
What’s powerful about this exercise is these are your I am statements.  Not something from someone else telling you what you are or should be.   But you saying you are.    Remember “I AM” is the most powerful manifestation declaration known to humans.   Now you are practicing taking control of your I AM mechanism.

Keep writing for the full 5 minutes.

When you time is up take a couple of slow deep breaths and read your I am statements aloud a couple of times and to yourself a few times.

This is a definite mood changer.  Keep this list handy.  For the next couple of days do this exercise.

Any time is good.  You want to get as long a list as you can.

While there is a no negative rule, feelings are allowed – like I am angry.  I am sad.   You want to allow yourself to feel the okay-ness of having feelings.  While they can have negatice intent they are not negative in origin.
If you deny yourself feeling a feeling the brain understands that as a denial of feeling and will work to limit the feelings you feel – even your joy.  So allowing yourself to know that you are safe to feel your feelings is a very positive thing and will allow you to know it is safe to feel your joy as well!

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