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Meditation: Breaking the Habit

Over the years, in a few different contexts, I’ve read  that a subatomic particle can appear in one place one minute, disappear then reappear in a completely different place.

I must admit I’ve never really thought about that much other than it was a cool thing to learn and maybe impress someone with over coffee. But what did this really have to do with me?

I was presented again with an answer in the book  “Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself” by . It is well worth the read (or listen if you are into audio books).
There is  a better contextual layout of the quantum physics stuff, what makes up the Habit of us , plus meditation that helps you understand what “
Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself” really means.  After listening to the audio version I began to the think of meditation more as an agent of change than just a way to calm down or feel a sense of connection to a divine presence – which once I got the agent of change theme I found that both getting calm and a sense of divine connection also change agents!
I loved this idea and for a couple of weeks I have been using 2 of his meditations  plus one offered on the Hay House website.
I use three because he suggests to mix them up for better benefit. It was during my morning meditation that I had the awareness of myself as the “disappearing particle”. In the letting go of all my thoughts about who I was I saw that the  subatomic particle in quantum physics does not disappear into nothingness – it becomes “no individualized thing-ness” and so therefore it becomes “every thing”, which is what the field of possibilities represents to me,  that place where everything is present –  until it individualizes again as a thing or  “some thing”.I saw myself becoming no thing, no one, no history, with the potential to be anything. 

Joe Dispenza says you should come out of meditation as someone new. I’ve never heard that before or thought of that before or really looked at meditation in that way before.
I encourage you to get hold of the book and the meditations and get busy.  Especially if you are feeling stuck in a rut, as I was, or just not feeling

the practice you’ve been doing. Like working out the muscles become accustomed to the routine and the routine no longer has the same affects.  So you change up the workout routine and find the body responding again. This is the same process with meditation.


I have been meditating for over 20 years. Many different techniques and experiences. I am available as a meditation coach if you are new of want some guidance in your current practice.

Neither of the meditations I use are “5 minute meditation”, however after some practice I think you can take the initial concept and use it for a 5 minute quickie during the day and the longer tow in the morning and at night.

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