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My Guru pants

Dear Amma,

I know you have a sense of humor but I as I only get to see you when you come to New York on tour I never thought you would play a joke on me.
Well on day 2 of your NY 2018 visit I was doing my greeting SEVA at the front door when my foot kicked something. At first I thought it was just a piece of paper so I paid it no mind. Then my foot rolled over it again and I look down to see what it was. It was a small  colorful pouch.

Well what I call my guru pants are just the simple white pants any one can purchase in the Amma shop for $20. I like them because they are simple and not flashy and helps me feel more a part of it all. Anyway I had these for about 5 or six years now and as I bent down to pick up the pouch my pants ripped!

Embarrassed and not wanting anyone to know, I quickly straightened up and pulled my shirt down in case the rip was noticeable from the back. 
I could feel a small object in the pouch and when I opened it I let out a smile.
It was a spool of thread. 

Did you know I would rip my pants?

Thank you Amma for making me laugh and showing me the power of a good teacher.
 in service,

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