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Quick I Am Practice

5 Minute I AM Practice

This is an easy one and it is a good one. It follows along the thoughts shared by Neville Goddard in “At Your Command” when he speaks on I Am.
There is power there so if you think about it the try not to underestimate it.

It helps to have a timer handy set at 5 minutes.

Start with 3-4 deep breaths in, hold for a second or 3 and slow exhales out. Maybe more or less if you feel like it. Try to have no effort at controlling the breathing, as normal as you can, just deep breaths.  The intention here is through these preliminary breaths to allow the body and mind to relax as much as possible.

When you feel ready, hit the timer button and begin to allow yourself to articulate, out loud – but not yelling (unless you feel the need), slowly the words I Am. I Am. I am. You can alternate between saying it out loud and saying it to yourself but try to say it out loud more than you do to yourself. Always speaking in your normal voice unless you feel an urge to speak louder.  This is to hear yourself and feel the vibration of your voice as you speak.  A powerful combination. There is  value there in that it helps the overall experience of letting go and relaxing deeper while allowing the deeper true you, the I AM of you, space to assert itself in your mind, body and affairs.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “be still and know that I am God” then you understand the practice and power of this. If you haven’t this is a good practical introduction to the experiential understanding of what them means for you.


When your 5 minutes are up take a few minutes to site in the silence and just allow yourself to feel whatever comes up for you. Sometimes it will be a rush of thoughts or a quiet sense of peace or a feeling to do something – maybe even thoughts about a thing you need to hear. Don’t force it or try and look for it just allow whatever comes to come.

This is also an amazing way to begin the longer I AM Practice Vibrational Shift Meditation Exercise.

I would be interested in any feedback you have on what has come up for you in this practice.


Download this as .pdf for later >>> here <<<



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