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5 Minute Meds :: Something Amazing…

It’s true that not all affirmations work all the time.  Sometimes a person is affirming for wealth but there is nothing in him or her that has a knowing enough of wealth for the affirmation to take hold of.  It puts them into an inner conflict which manifests as some outer conflict.

Sometimes the wording of the affirmation doesn’t put one in the desired condition in the now but some far off never happening time – like the draw labelled “will be”, or it’s just very vague and so they are placed in a cycle of perpetual wanting or receiving vagueness – which is really the affirmation working but not in the manner you may need it to work.  In this case the affirmation may work against the desire.

My favorite is the confusion of asking.  That’s where you get different camps of people who tell you there are things you can and can’t ask for. The confusion of asking would be simplified if there were just an asking booth with one rep with one answer! But the bible says simply “Ask and you shall receive…”.   It didn’t say ask for a wife but don’t ask for donuts.  I read that as it is up to you.

You might have this experience yourself. You watched that movie “The Secret”, you read the books and you’ve been busy affirming and nothing seems to be going right in your life no matter how hard you try. In fact the opposite happens – you say you are wealth and another debt shows up- you’re like a poverty magnet vs. a money magnet!

The good and amazing thing about being the spiritual beings we are is that there are a multitude of tools at our disposal that meet us where we are and lift us where we want to be.

Man believes that reality resides in the solid objects he sees around him, that it is in this world that the drama of life originates, that events spring suddenly into existence, created moment by moment out of antecedent physical facts.

But causation does not lie in the external world of facts. The drama of life originates in the imagination of man. The real act of becoming takes place within man’s imagination and not without.”   The Law and The Promise, Neville Goddard

So with that knowingness in mind this 5 minute tool is one you will utilize before you go to sleep.
This one is so easy you can do it in your bed!
Start with the phrase “isn’t it wonderful”. Say it a few times and allow the feeling of it being wonderful to wash over you. Here you are definitely going for the feeling.

Now go for the second part of the phrase – “that something marvelous is happening to me right now” allow the feeling of something marvelous happening to you to wash over you. Remember here you are going for the feeling so no need to be concerned too much with imagery – unless negative images try to come in – then you want to gently replace them with something positive.

So now as you are laying there eyes closed, you’ve taken a couple of deep centering breaths say the 2 parts of the phrase together as one:: ” isn’t it wonderful that something marvelous is happening to me now”. Say this slowly to yourself for the full five minutes then allow yourself to fall asleep with the feel of something wonderful happening to you and how good that feels. That moment just before you fall asleep is an optimal time of communication between your conscious and sub-conscious. You are giving your sub conscious the request you want fulfilled and it will get busy figuring out how to get you into the reality experience of something wonderful happening to you. You do not need to concern yourself with the how or when. Just know that there is powerful force for good that is the Divine substance of the universe of which you are a part and your sub conscious is in direct communication with it and your good, the marvelous something, will find you!
Most likely it will be something better than what you could have thought of yourself.

Timing is of God so have patience. Do this each night and in no time at all you will find yourself in the experience of your Good!

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