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Howard Blunt:

I write this in reference to Mr Michael Soaries. He serves as a computer tech person. And I must say he is highly efficient with all such things, e.g. smart phones, and all such. I have enjoyed his skill in this area. I am 76 so this brave new world is beyond my pay grade. It is wonderful to have this guy just a phone call away. I have given his name to many others and they have been well served. He even set up a web site for a needy company, people who are good at what they do but could not show their craft at the internet level until he came their way. I might add that Michael has a very friendly personality. Consulting with him gets the job done and with humor. I give his work 5 stars. Rev. Howard Blunt​

Ruth Lavignino:

I have known Michael for at least ten years.   We have been in several communities together and I recognized his intelligence, integrity and sense of humor.  I am a hybrid tech user, depending on how it was necessary to fit it into my life’s needs and wants.  I am a retired CPA and had a working knowledge of personal computers beginning with their impact on my work, specifically Accounting and Tax and morphed into more personal with e-mails.  While I had a flip top phone, it wasn’t until I bought an I phone 7+ a year ago that I felt like the lamb who lost their way.  I also have a HP desk computer, kindle, smart TV and HP printer (latest model) all requiring advanced skills and experience.  To my delight and luck, Michael, who still was in my community could meet all those technical  needs (and they are many, varied and sometimes complicated).
He has always been available within a reasonable time frame when I have a need and goes out of his way for emergencies.  i.e. Dell Printer of ten years failing and having to install a high tech HP printer for my devices;  Microsoft change to Version 10; Hacking of my Instagram account and innumerable teaching opportunities he freely shared with this novice IPhone user.
On a more personal level, he is patient with my anxiety and my frustration with the rate at which everything changes in the tech world. His humor and good nature is a welcome asset to the superior skills he has in all things technical and always being willing to go the extra time to be thorough and complete.  Ruth Lavagnino