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5 Minute Meds. :: Thank You!

There are 24 hours in a day.

That equals 1,440 minutes.

If you take just 5 of those and meditate that leaves you with 1,435 minutes to do whatever.

So today take up this 5 minute exercise.  You can well afford it.
Set your timer for 5 minutes.
Sit comfortable and breathe in a couple of slow deep breaths.
Hit the start button.

Close your eyes and silently to yourself say thank you. Thank you. Thank You. Over and over for 5 minutes.

You can improvise – Thank God. Thank Your partner. Thank Yourself. Thank Your parents. Thank Your Neighbor.
Thank You. Thank You.
You can say it aloud if you can and want to. But dedicate the whole 5 minutes to Thank You.

Do this for 5 days or whatever timeframe feels right for you – but a minimum.

Timeframes are good but not always necessary.  They help to provide guideposts for progress as well as  creating a space charged with the intention, which is in this case a meditation.  So that  having a set time and place where your meditation practice is to happen allows your mind to automatically shift to meditation mode once that time comes.  It also charges the space so that whenever you go there your mind knows to go into meditation.

Over time as you continue with your practice you might find that it doesn’t matter what time or where you are when you want to meditate you can.  by this time, earlier or later, you will begin to understand that meditation is that thing that happens when you make the space for it.  This is why, early on, it is a good idea to work with set times and places in establishing your practice.

This 5 minute practice will help to create a shift in the mind that changes the thoughts that impact your reality.  The intention of the impact is to increase your joyful experience of the moment.  That should be the end result of all we do – the increasing of our joy.  After all, if it doesn’t serve to make you happy what’s the point?  God, Higher Power or whatever your understanding of it is did not make you to have you suffer.  Unless you choose to. Then that just means that for you suffering is happiness.    Thereby fulfilling the why of why you are here!  enJOY!

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