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The Science of Your Mind

In the book “Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes says it like this (pg. 108):

Whatever is held in consciousness until it becomes a part of the subjective side of thought must take place in the world of affairs. Nothing can stop it.

“Fragments” were but the Universe reflecting back the way I thought of myself.

Separate from, different,  yet needing to be together with, the same as – but even in the togetherness separate.  Fragments under different names: race, religion, creed, gender, sexuality, economic status, career, age, hair, no hair, tattooed, meat eater, vegan – and the list of labels can go on an ad nauseam. And so the Source, knowing only itself as me manifested what I thought I was in my outer experiences.
Universe” or “Source” – only knows about me what I know about myself.
Because I am the consciousness of my life.
That’s just the way of being.
The “law” if you will.

So as I know more and more about me the Universe reflects back more and more about me.
This is the essence of the law of attraction.

Think about this for a moment.
You say “God” is everything”.
Well is that everything including you and all the things you can think of and more?
Or is it everything minus some things including you?.
Most of us operate out of the latter. We can’t comprehend, for whatever reason, the idea of Everything meaning Everything – including ourselves.

So I invite you now to see that to your awareness. It has to be because you are here now reading this. I can’t attract to me what isn’t in me.

So I affirm and my affirmation is your invitation to expand your knowingness to include yourself as part of the Everything of Source. My awakening is permission for all around me to be in the awakened state, for I no longer put energy, the power of my focus, on the unawakened state. To walk around asleep requires as much in not more energy to maintain than awakening.You and I were formed out of the Divine itself.  You are the Divine as you.
This is why I AM is so powerful.  It is the Divine in you speaking through you – in other words it is the Divine in expression as you.
It is your declaration to Source of who you are that Subjective Mind, Source,  takes and reflects back to you in as your experience.

In “Science of Mind” it is called Treatment.
As Ernest Holmes  says: (pg. 109 – 110) –

“Mental treatment recognizes that each individual has his identity in Mind and is known in Mind by the name he bears.  This Subjective Law knows there is a John Smith and a Mary Jones. Why? Because John Smith and Mary Jones knows there is a John Smith and a May Jones. But it only knows about them what they know about themselves. Being subjective to their thought, it could not know anything else; consequently, whatever Smith and Mary Jones say, it says, accepts and does. This is a marvelous concept. Unless we have thought it out, it seems rather startling. But it means this: -That the Law absolutely accepts us at our own valuation. Now this does not mean that is accepts us at an assumption of valuation, but at the actual valuation. It can reflect to us only the actual embodiment of ourselves.  It is the deep inner conviction that we carry which which decides what is going to happen. So we are each known by the name we bear, and each is daily making some statement about that name. When we say “I am this or that,” we are involving in Mind statement which Mind in turn produces as condition.?”

The more we understand this the more we are intentional about what we hold in our consciousness and the more guarding we become about what we let in.


Practice your I AMs by watching what you think and what you say. Not passive watching either but active watching. Directing your thoughts. You can do thins by the use of your imagination. Imagine what you want as if you are experiencing it now. The Universe see this now and reflects that now back at you  as condition.

This is why your I AM practice is so essential. Feel free to contact me  if you want some coaching along the way. I am more than happy to help.

Whatever is held in consciousness until it becomes a part of the subjective side of thought must take place in the world of affairs. Nothing can stop it.” EH Science of Mind

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